Unlimited “List Load” Entry in Lifecycle Optimizer

In our quest to make Lifecycle Optimizer more powerful than ever, we’ve enhanced the “List Load” entry type to remove the list size restrictions that were previously in place. We’ve made list load functionality scalable to accommodate audiences of all sizes, so now you can start a Lifecycle Optimizer journey for an entire audience at once, no matter how large.  Not only can you create 1-1 triggered journeys for users based on relevant actions they are taking with your content, products, or brand, you can now use Lifecycle Optimizer to orchestrate powerful campaigns with all of the automation that comes out of the box with Sailthru’s journey tool.  The “List Load” entry type can be used for both natural lists and smart lists, but note that smart lists are for a single point-in-time only, so they will not be automatically updated beyond the point at which the flow is activated. Please stay tuned as we work to improve this functionality! 

Note: Large list loads over 1 million profiles may take multiple hours to process. To avoid these delays for batch profile updates, use the Jobs API or Audience Builder.


How are you using or planning to use list load? Please let us know, as we would love to hear your feedback and use cases. Email us at product@sailthru.com or add details to our feature request portal.