Email Summary Metrics Display Enhancements

Get more metric space in Email Summary with the campaign name and subject line in one cell.


With these two text-heavy fields sharing a single cell, we’re giving more horizontal space for campaign metrics and better context. As a bonus, when you hover your cursor over one of these cells, it will automatically scroll if the text isn’t completely within view.   

Coming Soon!

Metric Name Changes We’ll be releasing a few changes to Email Summary’s metrics names for clarity and accuracy. What’s changing? 
  • Spam will be User Complaints
  • Spam Rate will be Complaint Rate
These changes better reflect what the metric in Email Summary is showing, since this metric counts the number of times users have marked a message as spam from their inbox.  Identifying A/B Test Segments  To further clarify metrics, we’ll be adding an identifier for any A/B test segments to the campaign name in Email Summary. This helps you see, at a glance, how each segment is performing.