What’s New in Sailthru

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Audience Builder filter: Push / In-App status

October 2, 2023
Target your audience based on whether a user has a device that can receive “Push notifications and In-App messages”, “In-App messages only”, or does not have your App installed currently. We have taken care of the Push notification statuses and designed these simple options so that you can align your list with how they can be …

Simplified LO Branch Building

September 27, 2023
Big news! For your more complex flows, connect two branches into one single branch on a check step in Lifecycle Optimizer, reducing the need for creating multiple repetitive steps.  When a check step has been created, you will be able to connect the 2 branches into a single branch using the last action, test or wait …

MPP Mitigation in Email Summary and Connect

September 27, 2023
Visibility into how Apple MPP impacts open metrics in our message reporting is now available!  In Email Summary – we’ve introduced five new open metrics for Campaigns and Triggered messaging: Projected open rate – The open rate of the recipients whose interactions were not hidden by Apple MPP. (Click here to view the previous release article.) Total unique …

Coming Soon – Journey Insights

September 15, 2023
Soon you’ll have the ability to view the number of user profiles that have entered and exited a lifecycle within a specified time period.  When selecting user metrics, you’ll be able to see: The number of profiles that have entered and exited the lifecycle flow Number of profiles currently within each step Profile metrics for Email, SMS and Mobile …

Coming Soon: GeoIP upgrade for more accurate location data in Audience Builder

September 15, 2023
Sailthru is upgrading to a new GeoIP provider which will provide more accurate location data for targeting profiles in Audience Builder using ‘location’ and ‘radius to location’ filters.  This means that any lists using ‘location’ and ‘radius to location’ filters in Audience Builder may show an increase or decrease in user profiles.  The upgrade will take effect …