Event Stream Changes: Adding new event_id field and updating event_time field

Customer action required

These changes will be added to all Event Stream export data sets starting March 20, 2024. To ensure there are no disruptions to your exports, please share this page with your internal technical teams to update any systems that consume these exports to accommodate the new event_id field and updated change to event_time.

Why are we changing?
We’ve recently developed a new field, event_id, which will be a unique identifier for every and all email events. With this precision in the events, it will easily identify distinct events down to the millisecond precision level that will give greater flexibility when segmenting and reviewing event data.

Benefits of the change

  • With each event having a unique identifier, this will help you identify any duplicate events quickly.
  • Provide a true order of events with the implementation of millisecond precision level.

What will be changing

We are adding a new field,  event_id & will be updating the existing event_time field to include millisecond precision to all Email Event Stream data sets The new field will be located next to client_id.

Field Name

Data Type







A uuid7 string that represents a unique event




A timestamp string with millisecond level precision (YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS.SSS)