For Developers: API/JavaScript Capabilities

The Sailthru API allows you to programmatically interact with an array of Sailthru features and data sets.

For example:
  • Send transactional email messages to individual users
  • Schedule and send email campaigns
  • Set user profile data or list subscriptions
  • Perform data processing tasks – for example, initial imports of content, purchases, or subscriber lists, bulk user data updates, and exports of user data
Some of Sailthru’s popular API endpoints also offer alternative JavaScript functions that are made available by the same script tag that you embed on your site to track user activity. These functions instead send data directly from your user’s browser, rather than from your servers. In some cases, developers may find these JavaScript functions easier or faster to implement, or marketers may be able to incorporate these into a tag manager (such as Google Tag Manager) to avoid using internal technical resources. However, typically, direct server-to-server calls using the API are preferable for their reliability, avoiding a reliance on the user’s browser and internet connection. When setting up interactions with the API, note that Sailthru offers pre-written code libraries for a number of different languages. For a list of all of Sailthru’s API endpoints and corresponding JavaScript functions, visit the Introduction to the Sailthru API.

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