Getting Started with Sailthru

This section will introduce you to the Sailthru system and its features, as well as the various aspects of the implementation process.

Your Sailthru Implementation team will work with you, asking a series of questions to help you determine the best way of getting set up. This documentation section will help acclimate you to the Sailthru system and various considerations during your implementation.


Sailthru System and Features

Learn how Sailthru can power your email, integrate with your site and mobile app, and leverage valuable data about your users, your site’s content, and more.

  • System and Feature Overview – Start here for a look at Sailthru’s key capabilities, example use cases, and an introduction to the My Sailthru site, your content and user data in Sailthru, the API, and more.
  • My Sailthru – Learn the key tools and features within the My Sailthru web interface.
  • User Profiles – Learn how a user profile is structured and used, including the options you have for the data to store and how to provide it.
  • Content in Sailthru – Learn about the Sailthru Content Library, how you’ll keep it up to date, and how it is used to power content personalization.
  • For Developers: API/JavaScript – Learn about the available API endpoints for sending and receiving data between your servers and your Sailthru account.
  • Documentation Resources – Links to useful sections of this documentation site.
  • GDPR Overview – Learn more about Sailthru’s GDPR capabilities.

Implementation Overview

Learn about the process and phases of a Sailthru implementation and the Sailthru features that each phase will enable.

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