Lifecycle Optimizer Overview

Using Lifecycle Optimizer’s visual interface, create flows to automate individualized messaging and processing of customers across channels.

Decide which circumstances should result in a user entering a flow, the subsequent actions to take based on your chosen logic. For example, ‘when a user is added to a certain smart list, check to determine whether they clicked a link in email this month; if not, send a push notification’.


Get started using Lifecycle Optimizer’s visual interface to create flows.

View email performance metrics and the number of times users have entered a flow, reached a step, and entered each branch after a check.

Find a definition of each Entry, Wait, Action, Check, and Test step.

Leverage the power of Sailthru’s Prediction Manager within a Lifecycle Optimizer flow.

Leverage Lifecycle Optimizer as a decision engine for your entire marketing ecosystem using the Webhooks action.

Create a flow or use a recipe to build automated abandoned cart messaging in email and mobile.

Help convert each Sailthru-detected known browser into a buyer with automated Browse-Abandonment flows.