User Profile Importer

We’re excited to announce a modern and streamlined way to upload profiles into Sailthru – introducing the User Profile Importer! This new feature allows you to easily map CSV columns to keys and custom variables to your Sailthru profiles.
  1. Select the CSV you’d like to upload into Sailthru.
  2. Select one of the following options:
    1. Add the profiles to a new list and give the list a name.
    2. Add the profiles to an existing list and select the appropriate list.
    3. Don’t add the profiles to a list, but to the general Sailthru bucket.
  3. Map the CSV columns by selecting which existing fields you want to match your columns to or map them to a new custom variable.
  4. Optionally, sign these profiles up to receive SMS marketing messages, SMS transactional messages, or both.
    1. Note: Selecting these options will overwrite any previous consent value that a profile may have had.
  5. Confirm the column mappings and import your profiles!
If any errors occur, these errors will be surfaced once the list has been uploaded and you can retry importing the profiles. Otherwise, you’ll see a success message once the profiles have been imported. Note: If a profile already exists within Sailthru, the importer will update any fields that were previously mapped to the profile. Happy importing! User Profile Importer documentation is available here.