Use ReCaptcha and Reset Optout Status in WordPress Signup Forms

Safely reengage previously opted-out users from your WordPress site using two new features for the Sailthru WordPress Plugin. To get access to these features, upgrade your Sailthru WordPress Plugin to 3.4.0.


Prevent malicious bot sign-ups with Google ReCaptcha.

ReCaptcha can now be automatically integrated into your Sailthru WordPress signup forms. To activate, create a new ReCaptcha v3 Key and enter the credentials in your Sailthru plugin settings.


Revalidate opted-out users on signup.

You can now configure your signup forms to reset customer opt-in on new signup. To enable this:

  1. Open your Widgets settings in the WordPress Admin and find your Sailthru Subscribe Widget.
  2. Click the checkbox Set previously opted-out customers to valid.
  3. Save the widget