IP address change for developers whitelisting Sailthru IP addresses

Marketers, please relay this messaging to the engineering teams responsible for your Sailthru integration. 

Effective February 12, 2020, Sailthru will relocate the IP address for api.sailthru.com. This change should not affect most customers. Some customers whitelist Sailthru’s IP addresses, which means this change may require an update to those whitelist rules. 

The new IP is within the range (.0/24) issued to customers who inquire about whitelisting, thus this change would only affect customers using more restrictive whitelist rules.

As a courtesy to customers, we are activating two maintenance windows ahead of the final change date. During these maintenance windows we will temporarily begin using the new IP address for api.sailthru.com. At the end of the maintenance window we will switch back to the current IP. These will serve as alert windows ahead of the change.

First Maintenance Window:
Feb. 5, 2020
Approximately 15-minute window of using the new IP address

Second Maintenance Window:
Feb. 10, 2020
Approximately 1-hour window of using the new IP address

Final cut-over to new IP:
Feb. 12, 2020

This change facilitates a change to our load balancing infrastructure, part of our continued investment in you and your customers’ experiences.

The specific addresses are available from our Support team. Please contact Sailthru Support for any additional questions or concerns.

Thank you for using Sailthru.