Shopify – Better Customer Profiles & Opt-Out Tracking

Today, we’re releasing some new features to help you better engage with your Shopify-based customers and better respect their opt-in across all of your channels.

Improved Shopify Customer Profiles

Whenever a customer makes a purchase, signs up for a newsletter, or modifies their account the Sailthru Shopify App will automatically create or update their Sailthru profile. With this data, you can now better personalize or segment on how you’ve tagged a customer in Shopify, whether they purchased as a guest, or if you have their phone number.

All the following fields will be available for a Shopify customer in Sailthru after they interact with your store:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Addresses
  • Phone
  • Customer Tags
  • Customer State
  • Customer Note
  • Created Timestamp
  • Updated Timestamp

In addition, they will be added to a new list in your account called Shopify Customers.

Tracking Opt-Out Between Sailthru and Shopify

Beyond profile fields, the Shopify App will acknowledge all opt-in and opt-out requests from Shopify and send all Sailthru-based opt-out changes to Shopify as well. Shopify customers that are opted in for marketing in Shopify will be treated as Valid in Sailthru, and otherwise marked as Opt-Out (Marketing) in Sailthru.

If Sailthru has a more restrictive pre-existing opt-out than Opt-Out (Marketing) for a customer, we’ll retain the more restrictive status. For pre-existing Sailthru customers that are happily opted-in subscribers, we’ll let Shopify know as well. 

Customer Accepts Marketing
Profile Opt-Out
True (accepts marketing)
False (doesn't accept marketing)
Opt-Out (Marketing)

For more information, visit the Shopify App documentation.