Email Summary with List Filtering

Sailthru’s Analytics are getting another upgrade! This time, we’re building upon Email Summary to bring you a way to segment your most important key metrics by Lists!

Whether they’re smart Lists or natural Lists, you can decide which ones to plot in order to see their performance over time. You can quickly compare metrics like open rate or clicks, to see whether your email tactics correspond to improved performance.

This is a fictional Sailthru client with Email Summary on display, where 4 List filters have been selected.

How it works

Users can access this new filter within the ‘Campaigns’ section of the Email Summary feature since Lists are unique to Campaigns. While in the Email Summary feature, click on the dropdown control beneath the page name to select ‘Campaigns’ and then click the ‘By List’ tab to activate the left-side filters.

You can choose up to 10 Lists to display. You can then see those lists in the context of up to 7 key metrics.

The charting will show your selected lists, and data is displayed for lists where sends, opens, and clicks data is associated with them from the past.

The feature is available for everyone.

To learn more about this Email Summary feature, Getstarted documentation will be updated shortly.