Send MMS with Sailthru SMS

With SMS being a new and exciting channel for our customers to send messages with, we’re excited to announce that you can now add media to these messages- introducing MMS! You will now be able to add a link to a hosted media file (JPG, PNG, or GIF) in an SMS template or campaign.  How to add an image to an SMS campaign:
  1. Click the media icon in the gray bar below the SMS text box.
  2. Paste the URL of your media file.
  3. Save!
How to add an image to an SMS template:
  1. Paste the URL of your media file in the MMS Media URL field.
  2. Save!
These images will then be rendered at the top of an SMS message to help increase your brand recognition and trust in your customers when promoting a new product or offering. NOTE: MMS messages use more credits than an SMS message (1 US MMS = 3 message credits, 1 CAN MMS = 4 message credits). Credit usage will vary depending on size of image and message length. MMS messages can also have up to 1600 characters and a media attachment of up to 5 MB of total size including the message and media.