Mobile Revenue Dashboard

We have added a new Mobile Revenue dashboard to Sailthru Mobile!

The mobile revenue dashboard displays an analysis of revenue attributed to mobile messages for any specified time period, post 1 Jan 2020. Just like the other analysis options, this gives you a chance to analyse the performance of mobile marketing over time while easily visualising trends. Daily or Hourly data for the time period can also be exported as a .csv, just like the other mobile analysis dashboards.

How it works:
The dashboard can be accessed through a the new ‘Revenue’ analysis option in Sailthru Mobile.
The revenue dashboard is displayed for everyone but will only contain data if you are doing purchase attribution for your mobile channel.
The figures displayed are the total of direct and influenced purchase revenue. An influenced purchase is when the purchase happens within a configurable time period (24 hours by default) after receiving a push notification or in-app message.

Data previous to 01 Jan 2020 will not be visible on the new dashboard.

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