New Google Customer Match Consent and API UPdates

Google is implementing a new user consent policy in which opt-in consent must be received when utilizing Google Customer Match to export lists. To accommodate these new requirements, Engage by Sailthru has upgraded the Google Audience Partner API to the latest version and has added the new consent requirement to the list export workflow.

  • To adhere to user consent policy, a new consent checkbox is being added when exporting lists to Google Customer Match.
  • Google Audience Partner API upgraded to the latest version. 

What will be changing

A new consent checkbox has been added when exporting lists to Google Customer Match. Starting on March 6th, you will need to review and select the checkbox before exporting the lists to Google Customer Match. 

  • For any existing recurring exports, the checkbox will be updated with the default consent status as “Yes”.
  • For new exports, the checkbox will need to be selected before the customer can export the list.