Email Summary headline metrics get a UX boost!

Sailthru’s Analytics team is proud to announce even better headline metrics UX than before! As our users assess how sends are performing, we wanted to make sure that the ability for marketers to navigate the many metrics in Email Summary continues to be more intuitive and flexible. The following enhancements to the headline metrics experience in Email Summary include the following:
  • New Add/Remove Headline Metric user experience with typeahead, drag-and-drop, and easy removal.
  • Headline Metrics that filter and also show the overall context as you toggle or choose List, Label, or Flow filters in either Campaign or Triggered datasets.
  • Two new metrics added due to popular demand: Clicks divided by Sends, and Click Through Rate (clicks divided by delivered messages).
Along with the Campaign Export and Triggered Export releases earlier this year, the power and flexibility of Email Summary is even better than ever. We’re proud to help our marketers work faster and configure their reporting needs to their preferences. Customers can see this new feature at Analytics > Email > Email Summary, and all features are live as of November 10th, 2021. Try out the following:
  • Grab a headline metric and move it to the right or left of other metrics. Click on the Table view to see how it matches up the first few columns for visual consistency.
  • Click the plus symbol in the headline metrics area to add metrics (we currently support up to 7 metrics for at-a-glance reference, and all metrics are visible on the Table view as you scroll to the right).
  • Hover on a headline metric to see the “x” in the upper right corner of the box to quickly remove it from view. Then add a new one using the plus symbol.
  • Try out the Clicks / Sends or the CTR metrics.
Contact your Sailthru Support team or Customer Success Manager for more information.