Resolving Bugs in Team Permissions Functionality

On Thursday, July 7, 2016, we will resolve a bug that previously allowed your limited-access users on my.Sailthru.com to schedule campaigns using lists they should not have had access to. When creating or modifying a campaign, limited-access users will no longer be given the option to send to any lists that their team was not given explicit access to. This fix was an opportunity to implement a few quick-win improvements that have been top requests for the Teams feature. Currently, limited-access users cannot see, modify or use templates that are not assigned to their team. Your lists will now have the same restrictions, preventing the members of a team from viewing, modifying, or using lists which are not assigned to their team. (The view restriction for limited users already exists in Audience Builder, which hides source lists that are not permissioned for a user’s team.) These improvements will help prevent mixups and accidents by removing templates and lists from team members who don’t need to utilize them. We extended this improvement to campaigns as well. For limited-access users, the four campaign scheduling pages: “Draft”, “Scheduled”, “Sending”, and “Sent” will only display campaigns that use the lists and templates belonging to the user’s teams. This will allow a team to focus on the status of the campaigns they care about.