System Upkeep: Archiving Template Revisions

Each time you edit and save a template, Sailthru keeps the previous version and makes all previous versions available to you. This helps protect you from accidents and offers a way to trace changes.

This functionality is here to stay. However, to prevent the limitless growth of stored revisions, we are putting liberal bounds on it. For each template, at least 40 of your most recent revisions are always going to be available in the my.sailthru interface. Any revisions beyond that will be archived, but only after they are 40 days old. These archived template revisions will no longer be available to you in my.sailthru, however, Sailthru will continue to store them for you behind the scenes, in case they’re ever needed.

This change will go into effect for a small set of clients tomorrow, June 29th. For the rest of our clients, it will be rolled out in the coming weeks.