Sailthru Now Supports Apple Mail Client Segmentation

Today Sailthru has added multiple new features to help you understand more about your audiences using Apple Mail, and how that may or may not be impacting the metrics that matter to your business.  By recognizing and identifying the user agent that is emitted from the Apple Mail client, within Sailthru you can now segment and report on the size of your audience using Apple Mail with iOS15 (and in the future, MacOS Monterey).  Within Audience Builder user filters, you are now able to find and select “Apple Mail” in the Devices, OS, & Browsers menu, to create segments and run Snapshot reports.  You will also see “Apple Mail” in the device/browser breakdown list in Campaign Detail reporting How does it work?  The identification of “Apple Mail” is based on data passed to Sailthru from opens using the Apple Mail app on iOS15 or MacOS Monterey, regardless of if the user has opted in to Mail Privacy Protection (MPP). Currently there is no way to distinguish whether a user has enabled the privacy features or not, but industry and our own research estimates a greater than 90% adoption rate of MPP based on past precedent of Apple features.  Will this be retroactive?  This mail client identification change is effective October 11, 2021 and data is not retroactive for segmentation or campaign reporting. At this time, adoption of iOS15 is slower than many anticipated – at only approximately 24% total eligible devices globally – so this release gives you plenty of time to check your audiences and campaign data before adoption is widespread.  Visit Sailthru’s Apple Mail Privacy Protection resource center on GetStarted to find additional resources about how you can understand and adapt your marketing strategies in this new privacy landscape. Reach out to Sailthru Support or your Customer Success Manager if you have any specific questions – we are here to help!