Update to Personalized Send Time

Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection updates will change how some marketers think about engagement, and the Sailthru team has been hard at work to ensure you stay ahead of the curve. Algorithms based on opens will no longer be as accurate when Apple begins pre-fetching images for users on iOS devices using the Apple Mail app. To give you accurate data to work with, Sailthru is making a change to the Personalized Send Time algorithm.  The Personalized Send Time algorithm (used in campaign workflow and more recently added to Lifecycle Optimizer) has previously used a blend of metrics to calculate the best time to send emails to individuals. From 09/15/2021, this will change to no longer leverage open data going forward.   You will not lose any historic data that you’ve captured on your user base; this change will only affect the Personalized Send Time calculation going forward. Any open data that was captured for users opening prior to September 15, 2021 will still be leveraged in the algorithm.  We look forward to optimizing Sailthru’s personalization capabilities even more throughout 2021 and into the future in this evolving privacy landscape.  To learn more about the Apple Mail Privacy Protection updates, read our Apple MPP Overview. For a detailed guide on areas to review within your account, read the Sailthru key areas of review checklist.