Multiple Sailthru SMS From Numbers

We’re excited to announce that you can to send Sailthru SMS messages using different From numbers! We want to ensure that you’re following SMS best practices, so it’s recommended that you use a different From number for each use case you intend to send. You’ll have a number dedicated for SMS marketing messages and another number for SMS transactional messages. That way, your subscribers can continue to receive messages they’re interested in if they opt-out from one of your SMS From numbers. When creating an SMS template or campaign, if you have multiple Sailthru SMS From numbers attached to your account, select the From number you want to send the message with. This feature helps you out if you’re also interested in sending messages to different countries using multiple region-based numbers! Pick the number dedicated to your region of choice when creating a Sailthru SMS template or campaign. If you’re interested in learning more about incorporating SMS into your marketing strategy, get in touch with your Customer Success Manager or Strategic Account Manager today.