Organize Templates Using Labels

From the main Templates page, add customized labels to your templates for easy organization and filtering.

The set of labels you create is also available to apply to campaigns in the Campaigns pages. Likewise, labels that you create for campaigns can be reused to apply to templates.

Add and Apply a Label

On the Template page, you’ll see three options: Label, Archive, and Delete. If you’ve selected any templates, you’ll see the count for selected templates next to the buttons. Click the first Label button to add a label.

Clicking Label will open a dialog that has two dropdown menus: one to set it to Add or Remove labels, and one that contains your existing labels and allows you to add new labels. Type the label name field and press Enter to submit. Your Sailthru account can have up to 1000 labels.

Filter your templates using the sidebar. The Label section in the sidebar shows only the top 20 most used labels.