Sailthru WordPress Plugin 3.0.6

Version 3.0.6 of Sailthru’s WordPress plugin adds support for Sailthru’s Content API, additional support for Sailthru’s Personalization Engine JavaScript (personalize.js), and a number of bug fixes and improvements. See our full, updated documentation here.

Added Content API support

Each time a post or page is added or saved it is now pushed to your Sailthru Content Library via Sailthru’s Content API. Any additional custom fields produced by a WordPress plugin are passed as vars. The post type (e.g. post, page, or custom types) is also passed as var, allowing you to filter data feeds based on post type as well as tags. This is very useful when using custom post types.

Content API calls can be disabled and the Spidering process used by applying the filter sailthru_content_api_enable in your functions.php file with a return value of false.

Option to Choose Javascript Library

Customers can choose between Personalize JS and the older Horizon JS implementation. We recommend that you use Personalize JS if you’re a new customer and are preparing your initial implementation.

Existing customers that rely on Scout and Concierge onsite recommendations can still continue to use the older JavaScript version.

Starting in Q1 of 2017, the Concierge and Scout features will be removed. You can replicate their functionality today using Site Personalization Manager, which allows far greater control over the appearance of recommendations.

Sailthru Personalize Widget

Customers using Site Personalization Manager can now use an updated widget to drag and drop the powerful features of SPM directly in WordPress. The widget allows you to choose preconfigured SPM sections and display them anywhere on your WordPress site. This feature is as incredibly powerful and easy as it sounds!

Sailthru Subscription Widget

Fixed a bug where smart lists were available options for the Subscription widget. Changed Sailthru subscription widget to only use natural lists as a subscription option, as only natural list membership can be modified directly. (Smart Lists add or remove users dynamically based on your preconfigured criteria.)

Added setHorizonCookie to Newsletter Signup Widget

Added a call to setHorizonCookie that will be called upon form submission of the Sailthru Subscription widget. This will drop the sailthru_hid cookie, which uniquely identifies known users in order to track their onsite activity.

Updated Sailthru Client Library

Added an integration parameter to all API calls to help Sailthru Support identify the WordPress plugin version to help provide faster responses and initial investigations.