WordPress 3.1 Released

Sailthru for WordPress version 3.1 adds an easier setup process and more configurability to the plugin as well as a number of new filters to allow you more customization over the Content API, Sailthru Script Tag and Sailthru Meta Tag deployment.

Please note that after installing the plugin re-save your API keys by clicking on the Sailthru Settings screen in your admin and then saving the options. This will ensure that all the new options appear.

What’s new?

The subscribe widget now adds the ability to track source for each instance of the widget and also fire a custom event. This means you’ll be able to start Lifecycle Optimizer flows from a list add or Event API call with exceoptionally fine grained control.

For customers that are using Tag Managers like Google Tag Manager or Tealium you’ll be pleased to know that we’ve removed the requirement to deploy Sailthru JavaScript tags via the plugin.

The plugin no longer requires that all emails are sent via Sailthru but you still have the option of sending new WordPress user notifications and Welcome emails via the Subscribe widget. Existing customers relying still on Concierge can still keep Horizon JS but we encourage you to update to Sailthru’s latest Script tag to get the benefit of Site Personalization manager and our JavaScript API.

We’ve added a number of new filters to enable the plugin to be flexible enough to adjust existing functionality to suit your specific needs. To find out more you can read all about the filters in our updated documentation.

How to upgrade

Existing WordPress plugin users will see an update available in their plugins page for the Sailthru plugin shortly. We encourage you to test on your development environments first prior to upgrading and when you are ready installing the plugin in your preferred manner.

For VIP customers:

A new version of the Sailthru WordPress Plugin has been committed to the shared plugins repository.

We encourage all VIPs using Sailthru WordPress Plugin to test this version in development environments and then upgrading when ready.

You can specifiy the version in wpcom_vip_load_plugin() like so:

wpcom_vip_load_plugin( ‘sailthru’, ‘plugins’, ‘3.1’ );

For VIP Go, you can take advantage of the new version by adding the latest reviewed version (v.3.1) to your plugins or client-mu-plugins folder. The plugin can be downloaded from Github.