Updates to the Purchase Log; Changes to Purchase API access for old purchases

We have updated our Purchase API call and Purchase Log in my.sailthru.com to enable greater efficiency in accessing and archiving infrequently used purchase information. If you are not a commerce customer, these features may not be enabled or visible on your account.

Marketers using my.sailthru.com’s Purchase Log will notice great new usability and functionality enhancements:

  • Updated page styling
  • Added columns in the report for Item Quantity and Unit Cost
  • Customize the columns are exported in the ‘Download CSV’ report
  • Faster page loads for older purchase data by limiting searches to one day at a time if the date range is older than a year ago

That’s right – we heard such great feedback about our Custom List Data Export feature that we brought it to our Purchase Log:
Purchase CSV Export Dialog

Restricting Old Purchase Searches via the API

Developers take note: Starting with this release, purchase information older than one year from a given current date will not be accessible from the GET method of the /purchase API call. The data remains accessible through the “Purchase Log” inside of my.sailthru.com. Requests made to GET /purchase will return an error similar to the following if the purchase is older than a year: Status Code 400, error 99: “The purchase with sid ‘579831c00000000000000000′ does not exist or is older than one year.’

We monitored usage of the GET purchase method/call for purchases older than one year, and found extremely rare usage. Archiving this information for exclusive accessibility through my.sailthru.com allows to enhance the efficiency and speed of accessing other purchase information through the API. The “Download CSV” option will continue to allow exports of up to 31-days of Purchase data, even if older than one year.

We hope you enjoy the new look and additional information in the my.sailthru.com Purchase Log. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your Sailthru Customer Success team member or support@sailthru.com.