Update your beacon image for enhanced repeat-open tracking

Beginning Nov. 28, 2018, beacon tracking images/pixels uploaded to my.sailthru use a less-restrictive caching process, which is likely to result in an increase of repeat open counts for some messages.

This change alters the cache instructions for browsers and email clients requesting images from our sever. The new upload process stores the file on Sailthru’s servers in a way that instructs browsers not to cache the same image file on a customer’s device and instead request it reloaded each time. This reload results in an additional non-unique open being attributed to the message.

If you have not uploaded/updated your beacon pixel since Nov. 28, 2018, we encourage you to do so today. You can access the Email Settings page here, or navigate to Settings > Channels > Email in my.sailthru. If you’re changing the design or size of your beacon image, be aware that this will affect all messages previously sent and those sent going forward. Changing sizes could result in layout/format of your earlier messages and current templates if the beacon is a noticeable asset in your message designs.

This change should not affect unique open counts, only the “total open” count that is determined from repeat opens. This applies to campaign, transactional and triggered messaging and will reflect in messaging counts received after the new image is uploaded.