Update to abandoned cart behavior in the Shopify Integration

On May 17, 2019, we deployed a change to the Sailthru Shopify Integration relating to how customers are identified during the abandon cart process. This change primarily affects customers who open email and shop on multiple devices or frequently delete cookies. These customers are now able to receive abandon cart emails.

When a customer clicks an email on a new device, a Sailthru cookie is set. When they log in to your Shopify account, an additional cookie should be set. This second cookie is required for abandon cart emails to be sent for the identified customer.

Prior to this fix, customers who had a email-click cookie and then logged into their Shopify account on a new device would not have their cart changes updated from that device. A bug was preventing the second cookie from being set when the first cookie was already present. This was only likely to happen when the customer was using a new device or if they regularly delete their cookies.

As a result of this change, you may notice an increase in day-over-day abandon cart email sends during the coming week. These are previously ineligible customers who are now receiving abandon carts after this fix.