Understanding Your Facebook Instant Articles Conversions

We’re rolling out an update to our Facebook integration to help you get a clearer understanding of which users are converting from a Facebook Instant Article or a Facebook Lead Ad. Many of you are already using the Lead Ads integration and understand that Facebook uses the same process to send leads from Instant Articles but used to rely on the form name to differentiate where they came from. We thought we should make it easier for you so we’ve update the Lead Ads integration to add a few more vars to the user profile of users that have signed up for newsletters from your brand via Instant Articles.

These new vars include a specific Facebook lead source attribution which will tell you if a user was acquired via a Lead Ad or Instant Article Call to Action. We’ll also add these users to a new list called facebook_cta, both options will give you the opportunity to kick off an LO flow an use Audience Builder to take action and give you a better understanding of how you are acquiring users from Facebook.

Key Use Cases:

  • Enable you to set a different LO flows based on the acquisition of a user from Facebook Instant Articles versus a Lead Ad.
  • The ability to create segments in audience builder based on list membership (facebook_lead_ads/facebook_cta) to create acquisition reports.

Current LO Flows that are already capturing Instant Article conversions can continue with their existing flows. The functionality added with this update will be additive and backwards compatible.

The changes are additive to existing vars and

  • Users acquired from a CTA/Instant Article will have facebook_lead_source set to “CTA”
  • Instant Article users will be automatically added to a list called facebook_cta

Full details are available in our documentation.