Track, re-engage vertical subscribers with Lifecycle Optimizer entries for campaign opens and clicks

Our new Lifecycle Optimizer entries look at campaign message opens and clicks, the first step in our efforts to bring mass-mail orchestration to the Lifecycle Optimizer flow-building experience.

For marketers managing multiple brands or verticals in one account, you can use this new LO flow type to track brand/vertical-level engagement based on campaign labels, or the list to which a campaign was sent. This allows you to use Smart Lists and Snapshots to do things such as:

  • Create a Smart List for customers who “last clicked” a campaign labeled “daily send” more than 90 days ago
  • Get a snapshot of the subscribers who “last opened” a campaign sent to the “Finance Weekly” list more than 180 days ago

Here’s how:

The “Email Clicked” and “Email Opened” entries now allow the selection of “Triggered” or “Campaign” messages. From there, you’ll narrow the selection down based on the email type selected:

  • Triggered: Filter by the name of the sent template [existing feature]
  • Campaign: Filter by the primary list the campaign was sent to – OR – a label applied to the campaign [new feature]

When “Campaign” is selected for the email type, only one action type is available in the LO flow builder: Set Custom Field.

This allows you to stamp a set value (i.e. “clicked = true”) or use a dynamic date (“finance_last_open=[date]”) every time a customer enters the flow.

Once again, this is a special flow type that can only do one LO step: setting a custom field. We’ll have more to share on our work to bring campaigns closer to Lifecycle Optimizer as we prepare to unveil our 2020 roadmap.

For now, check out our detailed how-to guide on this new entry type in our updated Lifecycle Optimizer documentation.