Timed Triggers for Overlays

We have added more ways to trigger overlays for clients who are taking advantage of our Onsite product.  Now with Time on Page and Time of Inactivity available in the “Trigger Event” menu, you can grab visitors at key moments of engagement or disengagement on your website.

  • Time on Page – allows you to show an overlay on a page with a time delay, specified by you in seconds.
  • Time of Inactivity – allows you to capture attention when a user has stopped clicking, scrolling, or moving their mouse for a specified period of time, also in seconds.


While adding new Trigger Events, we also wanted to clean up the user experience to make the editor even easier to use.  That includes also moving the Exit Intent trigger option into the Trigger Event menu.  Since you can only set one Trigger Event at a time, these options now live happily together in the same menu.