Template Modified Dates, Build Campaign from Data Feed Page, Bug Fixes

We have a few new updates to tell you about, with more on the way yet this month.

Template Date

The template list page will now display the year of the last save if it’s not this year. Matching functionality to the campaigns page, if the template was modified yesterday or today, it will display a friendlier “yesterday” or “today”

Data Feed Editing Page: ‘Build Campaign’

When you “edit” a data feed, a button is displayed on the editing page giving you a shortcut to start a new campaign. The button will now direct you to the new campaign builder. Previously you could set “list”, “template” and “mode” inside the feed editor display for old campaign builder. In the new builder, you’ll set those options as you build the campaign.

Bug: Enable User to Delete List with ‘&’

Resolving an issue on the User Lookup Page preventing the removal of a user from a list with “&” in its name.

Bug: Delete suppression lists from a copied campaign in the new campaign builder

Resolving an issue with copied campaigns in the new campaign builder, where suppression lists in the copied campaign could not be removed.