Take control of Lifecycle Optimizer entries with flow-level frequency capping

On July 13, 2017, we’re launching flow-level frequency capping in Lifecycle Optimizer! This allows you to set limits on users entering a flow with three levels of control:

  1. Only let a user in a specific flow once ever
  2. Block users from entering a flow if they’re currently participating in it
  3. Prevent users from entering a flow too often using time-based frequency limits

Access the entry controls from the flow’s toolbar. Next to the “Status” field, you’ll see a “Re-entry” field that opens the following console when clicked:

Lifecycle Optimizer flow entry settings console

Apply your settings to draft, inactive or active flows, and then Save the flow for the settings to take effect. Know that settings can be altered for active flows, although the changes will only apply to new entry attempts.

This new functionality should be available to all Sailthru accounts by the start of your local business hours on July 14, 2017. No need to worry about currently active flows – the default settings allow for reentries, which matches flow behavior prior to this release.