Tailor the customer experience using custom event attributes

Sailthru’s Custom Events allow marketers and developers to quickly launch new flows and send messages for business-specific use cases, all with minimal development work and maximum marketer control. Gone are the days where developers needed to make code changes for every creative change, cadence alteration or test scenario. With Sailthru’s Lifecycle Optimizer, a single Custom Event API call can put marketers in mission control of the customer experience for the lifetime of a key business event, such asa  product review, social interaction or subscription status change.
Beginning today, you can use the Custom Fields within an event to curate different experiences in a flow for your customers. Introducing the new “Custom Event Field” Check in Lifecycle Optimizer:

LO Custom Event Check Selection Menu


 Once selected, you’ll be able to select between a Yes/No check type and a multi-branch check type. Continue with your choice and select or add the custom field name and its values.

LO Custom Event Check panel

The check behaves similarly to our “Custom Profile Field” Check, which means you can use the pipe character (|) to use multiple values in one field as an “OR” operator.

Custom Event Check using pipes

In the example above, values “1” and “2” will go to branch #1, and so on.


Example Uses for a Flow:
  • Make a single flow for a product review and branch the experience based on the rating given, to send different messaging
  • Use one flow for all Facebook lead ad campaigns and branch based on the campaign ID to tailor the welcome message
  • Integrate with your internal CRM to customize messaging based on the details of important customer events

Learn more about Sailthru’s Custom Events and how you can use our on-site JavaScript with Google Tag Manager to quickly establish custom events for your site!