Style your Email Composer message with custom fonts

You can now request custom fonts to appear in your Email Composer text editing menu.

Email Composer Text Editor

If you’re a user of web fonts from sites like Google Fonts, you can ask Sailthru to include the font as an option in Email Composer messages. To be accessible in customers’ emails, the font must be a web-accessible font. If you’re using Typekit, please read this important documentation.

How to have a font added to your account:

  1. Locate the font’s link on Google Fonts or similar site. There’s no limit to the number of fonts you can request!
  2. Send the link to Sailthru Support. We’ll confirm when we’ve added it to your account’s menu.

Learn more about web-safe font, including CSS-in-detail with Mozilla’s documentation. If you have any questions, you can email the address above or contact Sailthru Support.