Snapshot reports … in a snap!

In our continued work to help accomplish your day-to-day tasks in Sailthru even faster, we are releasing a performance enhancement for our “Snapshot” job functionality.

This job is used when request a Snapshot in my.sailthru.com or using the API, including campaign or “blast” Snapshots. In our initial rollout with test accounts and beta participants, we are seeing speed improvements of 3x to 15x faster than the current job. This speed varies based on the number of users and the depth of criteria if the Snapshot is for a Smart List.

Beginning Sept. 20, 2016, we will roll out this performance enhancement to the Snapshot job for all accounts. You’ll receive a notification in your my.sailthru dashboard 24 hours prior to the release. There’s no action needed on your part! The release should be complete by Sept. 28, 2016.