Better Language in List Snapshot Reports

Snapshot reports give valuable insights into your Lists, but two of the section names were not clear. We listened to your feedback and have updated the language of these sections to better reflect the information they are conveying.

  • Top Tags has been renamed to Top Interests by Pageviews – Tags that were viewed the most, regardless of how many users were responsible for those view. (For example, even if it was only Fred refreshing the CatDog chew toy page, again and again, you may see CatDog on this list.)
  • Top Interests has been renamed to Top Interests by Users Interested – Tags that appear on the most profiles, regardless of how many times each user viewed them. (CatDog probably won’t make this list. Sorry, Fred.)

When you are looking to understand the most popular interest tags for a group, these two categories give you the insight you need, now with greater clarity.