SMS Templates

Build custom templates in the SMS Template Editor to deliver curated messaging.

The Template Editor

The SMS template editor includes a Message Text textbox, a way to preview the message as a specific user (Zephyr Preview As User), and a preview of your message as you draft it, using your SMS service. If you use more than one SMS service, you can change the service shown by selecting from the dropdown menu:

Depending on the service you use, you’ll have different options available for your template. 

Sailthru SMS

Sailthru SMS allows you to use Zephyr to personalize your SMS messages. You’ll see the preview length in characters and how many SMS messages may be sent. 

When you add an email address with a valid first name to the Zephyr Preview As User text box, the preview shows your message with the Zephyr value. In this case doesn’t have a first name in Sailthru’s system, but the message included a fallback value. 

Link Shortening and Tracking

Shorten and track long URLs in SMS messages.

To shorten and track a link:

  1. Paste a URL in the message box.
    Note: The pasted URL will require http:// or https://.
  2. Select the Shorten all links checkbox.
  3. You’ll see a shortened link that uses the domain in the preview. This is the domain that will be used for all shortened links.

Using a shortened link allows Sailthru to track link clicks in the SMS Summary (link to docs) report. From the SMS Summary page, select the blue plus icon in the header metrics. Select Clicks from the dropdown menu. 


Send MMS messages with Sailthru SMS. 

Note: Media files added to MMS messages must be 4.9MB or smaller. The entire MMS message can’t exceed 5MB. 

To send MMS messages, you must use a publicly hosted URL for a GIF, JPG, or PNG file. Paste the URL into the MMS Media URL box. 

The image or GIF isn’t shown in the preview pane. To see a preview, use the SMS Campaign Builder

Attentive SMS

Attentive SMS includes Zephyr personalization, MMS options, and Attentive campaign tracking. Note that Attentive has a 500kb max file size for media if you’re creating MMS messages. 

Build a New Template

Select Templates from the Messaging menu in my.sailthru to open the Templates List page.  

  1. From the Templates List page, select the New Template dropdown menu at the top of the page.

  2. Select SMS from the list of template types. The SMS Template Editor opens. 
  3. Give your SMS template a unique name. If you use more than one SMS service, select the one you wish to use from the SMS Service dropdown menu. 
  4. Draft your template content in the Message Text textbox. Note the preview length and the expected number of messages.

  5. Check your message preview to ensure any personalization is correct.

  6. Save your work. Your SMS template is now ready to be used in a campaign.

To use your template in a Sailthru SMS message, see SMS Messaging.