Santa Came Early: Two New Feature Enhancements You’ll Love

We have two great new updates to tell you about as an early Holiday gift to you, our customers!

Smart Strategies Tactic Naming

Our Smart Strategies “tactic” list page now sorts alphabetically by tactic name! Previously the tool sorted by the last modified date of each tactic. This change allows you to easily see tactics of similar names in relationship to one another, i.e. “Welcome Series A”, “Welcome Series B”.

We also increased the length of pagination to 500, allowing you to see all of your tactics on one page.

The alphabetical listing is case-sensitive, similar to our Templates list page, so A-Z will display before a-z. Keep this in mind when (re)naming your tactics!

Recommendation Manager Filtering

When viewing your recommendation (data) feeds, you can filter the list by Title, Name, Tags or Description – or the combination of all four. The filtering is in real time as you type! To activate, look for the “Filters” button above the list of content.

To change the position of an item in the list while a Filter is active, click to edit the item and change its “Position” number to the exact position you’d like it to appear in. Don’t forget to apply the change and then save the feed!