Smart Strategies Scheduling, SDK-Spidering Include/Excludes, Snapshots Update List Counts, Job API Can Modify Signup Date

Behavior Change: Smart Strategies that send an email at a scheduled time

Release Scheduled Thurs., 8/27/2015 5 p.m. EDT: After the release, for a new tactic with an “action” to send a template at a scheduled time (, i.e. “+5 days”, as opposed to immediately), the resulting send will now have access to the optional vars passed within the “Event” API call. Tactics set to send immediately already include these event vars, so there is no change to their behavior.

To allow you to opt-in to the new behavior, existing tactics will not automatically update to reflect this change. Instead these tactics will display an “modified” message when you review the tactics list page. The tactic will continue running as previously defined. You have the ability to update existing tactics to include this new functionality – just open and re-save the tactic after the release.

The following items were recently released:

URLs spidered using Sailthru’s SDK will observe include/exclude settings

If you use the Android or iOS Sailthru SDK to send URL view “events” back to Sailthru, those URLs will now observe the include/exclude rules in your account settings. Previously, all URLs passed via the SDK were automatically added to the content library in your account.

Snapshots update list counts

Running a snapshot on any list will now update its list “count” display, too. Previously this behavior existed only on select list types. This is the best way to request the most accurate, up-to-date count of a list.

Update users’ signup date using the job API

You can define a custom value for a user’s signup date using the “update” job in two different ways.

  1. Per email address (row) when submitting a file or URL (to define a custom date per user)
  2. As a global “update” parameter to a large group of profiles at once (i.e., for an initital import of users whose dates you want to be the same)

Learn more about how to do this in our updated documentation.