Smart List Fixes: List Names with ‘$’ or ‘Does Not Contain’

On Monday, August 29, 2016 we will release a patch to fix two bugs relating to our Smart List functionality.

The first will correct a bug in Smart Lists that use the “Does Not Contain” criteria. This criteria is meant to find users who do not have a certain value for a given profile var, including those users who do not possess the var at all. We identified a bug causing users who did not have the profile var at all to be excluded from results. We are updating the “Does Not Contain” query to include these users.

The release would cause a one-time list count increase in lists that use the query. We have actively reached out to clients who will be affected. They will have the option to maintain their lists’ existing behavior. In that case, the affected Smart Lists will automatically have the “var exists” criteria added to their existing criteria. When coupled with the updated “Does Not Contain” criteria, this addition allows list counts to stay the same and the Smart List query will be correct as displayed.

The second bug fix helps us maintain optimal database performance. The “$” sign is a prohibited character in Natural List names. We are fixing a bug that allowed the character to be used in Smart List names. The release will prevent the character from use in all new and modified Smart List names.

In addition to the code release, we will automatically fix list names with “$’ by removing the character and collapsing the remaining space, e.g. “$100_list” becomes “100_list”. We are reaching out to affected clients and are encouraging them to manually change their affected list names in advance of the release on Aug. 29.