Concierge Onsite Signup

If you have the Concierge slider on your site, you can also use a Concierge-style signup! The slider will prompt new users to signup for your site, without obscuring their view of the page, in a discrete slideout.

To Activate

Once you have Concierge on your site, simply check the box “Enable Concierge Signup” in Concierge Settings of the Accounts tab and save your settings.

Please ensure you’re using the latest version of the Horizon Javascript, as explained here.

Setup Parameters

  • List: select the Sailthru List to which users should be added
  • Number of Clicks: 1 (default). The user must click through a Concierge article at least one time in order for Concierge Signup to appear
  • Number of Times Per User: 1 (recommended value). Concierge Signup will appear one time during the user’s browsing of the site.

Signups acquired via Concierge will be listed in Sailthru’s Source Signup report here under the source var sailthru_concierge and this var will be added to the user’s profile.

To Customize


You may change the styling of the signup slider by adjusting the CSS. Simply create your own style sheet, and link to it instead of the default Sailthru-provided stylesheet. Here is the CSS you would be modifying:

.recommendationSignup .recommendationLabel {
.sailthruRecommendation .recommendationSignup input{
.sailthruRecommendation .recommendationSignup input[type="submit"]{
  -webkit-border-radius:0 3px 3px 0;
  -moz-border-radius:0 3px 3px 0;
  border-radius:0 3px 3px 0;


1. Go to the Concierge Settings page in my.sailthru.

2. When the checkbox “Enable Concierge Signup” is checked, this will open up more options. Under Page, change from “Default Signup Page” to a hosted page of your choosing.

This will load the hosted page into an iframe in place of the normal signup text.

Note: since this is in an iframe, CSS from the page it pops out from will not apply; you will need to include any style in the hosted page.


At this time you cannot change the message text for Concierge Signup.