See messages across devices, browsers with our free Email Client Test

Marketers seeking confidence in consistent message appearance can use Sailthru’s free Email Client Test to check email templates and campaigns across multiple devices and browsers.

Email Client Preview Full Screen View

Campaign Builder, HTML Template Editor and Email Composer directly link to Email Client Test. This allows marketers to make modifications to their template/campaign and seamlessly see the results of their changes when they’re ready to test. No new log-ins – no separate accounts needed.
Quickly test against more than 50 email clients, view-able through both an overview grid (below) and a full-screen view (above.)
Email Client Preview grid
Email Client Preview is powered by Email on Acid, and is free to all Sailthru customers. Each Sailthru account currently receives 10 free “tests” per month. A test is a single HTML message with all available thumbnail client previews. Tests do not rollover. Marketers seeking adjustments to their free monthly allotment can contact their Customer Success Team member.
Where to access:
Email Composer:
When in Preview mode, click “Email Client Test”
HTML Editor:
In the action button row, click “Email Client Test”
Campaign Builder
In the Design tab, click “Email Client Test” next to the refresh template button
We look forward to your feedback on this great new addition to the Sailthru email suite!