Securing link rewrites, beacons and Hosted Pages with HTTPS

Beginning Aug. 9, 2018, we will update accounts to use HTTPS for the following services:
  • Email beacons (the image will be served using HTTPS)
  • Link rewrites in emails
  • Hosted pages
We will be rolling out these changes through the next two weeks. There is no action needed for marketers.
For all new email sends (campaigns and triggered), rewritten links will be rewritten and served using HTTPS instead of HTTP. Beacons will also be served via HTTPS.
Hosted pages will now also support the HTTPS protocol, supporting both HTTP and HTTPS. Old links served in HTTP will also continue to work.
Why use HTTPS?
Use of HTTPS is recommended best practice for the internet and is part of an industry-wide movement towards better security. Using HTTPS means that all data transferred is encrypted, making it difficult to “sniff” the data being transmitted (such as emails or PII), or perform other types of attacks.
As further evidence, Chrome recently released an update where non-HTTPS sites will be displayed as “insecure” in the omnibar. See Google’s blog post for more information.
If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to Sailthru Support.