Say hello to the new home for Templates

Quickly find and preview email templates using the completely refreshed Template List page. In addition to a new visual style with faster load times, the page has powerful new features:

  • Realtime search
  • Sidebar filtering for message type, labels and teams
  • Sorting for Template Name and Date saved columns
  • Thumbnail image previews that expand to full size when hovering

Screen Shot 2019-01-18 at 11.19.52 AM

Read more about the page in our updated documentation. All accounts will have access to the new page by Jan. 25, 2019.

Looking for some familiar options? Read our tips below:

Using Team Permissions

Team permissions are now set inside the HTML template editor and inside Email Composer, once a template is created. Previously the option was given to set teams when first creating a template. You can find the team settings in each tool using the following steps:

In Email Composer:

1. Create a visual template

2. Click the Settings gear in the Email Composer toolbar

3. Click the Teams tab and select the Team(s) for access

4. Apply and SAVE the template to confirm changes

In HTML Editor:

1. Create a HTML template

2. Click the Teams button in the toolbar

3. Select the Team(s) for access

4. Apply and SAVE the template to confirm changes

Creating and Deleting Labels

You can create/delete system labels using the Campaign List page and through Classic View (see below.) Look for improved ways to modify system labels coming soon.

Accessing Classic View

For a limited time, access the old Template List page by clicking the “Classic View” link in the upper-left corner of the page. Use the navigation menu to access the new page again at any time.

Send us your thoughts and comments on the new page! Just email us – product@sailthru.com – or drop a note to your favorite Customer Success team member.