Pausing Push Notifications

Mobile allows you to pause push notifications. Pausing is particularly useful when you are delivering pushes to a large audience and you want to manually suspend and then resume sending push notifications.

Due to the speed of our platform, pausing can only be effective with audiences of at least 100,000 devices. If you want to limit the rate at which notifications are sent, refer to Throttling Push Notifications.

Pausing a Push Notification

When you create a push notification, its initial state will be Scheduled.

96 06_05_03 Push Notifications status scheduled

Once the push has been processed and is ready to be sent, the state will change to Sending. A progress bar will appear to display the current progress within the audience (in other words, how many pushes have been sent so far).

97 06_05_03 Sending Push Notifications

You can now pause the push by selecting the pause button. This will instantly set the state to Pausing:

98 06_05_03 Push Notifications-Pausing

In this process, Mobile will quickly determine whether the send can be paused in time to halt a portion of your messages, or if the send is about to complete and unable to be paused. The status will either change to Paused or the push will be reported as complete.

99 06_05_03 Push Notifications-Paused

When your push is paused, you will see a progress bar to indicate how many pushes have been sent so far. To resume sending, simply click the play button and the status will change to Sending.

100 06_05_03 Push Notifications-Removing Pause

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