In-App Message Attributes

Add additional fields to your in-app messages to manipulate custom message-display interfaces in your app.

A mobile message has the default fields of title, body, URL, image, or video. Mobile allows marketers to add additional Message Attributes to an in-app message, to give complete control over the look, feel, and behavior of in-app notifications and the Message Stream. This includes:

  • Message categories (announcements, deals, updates)
  • Sticky messages (ones that always appear first)
  • Message labels and headings (labels which have different UI treatment to the default fields)
  • Pinned posts (messages that can't be deleted)
  • Call-To-Actions on messages
  • Dynamic coupon codes (when coupled with personalization)

For example, a shopping app might choose to emphasize the price, product, and category on a message card. A game might have a character name or a number of bonus coins to unlock after a user taps on the message.

Example 1: Sticky Messages and Multiple Message Streams

By adding new Message Attributes of category and is_sticky, it is possible to create a Message Stream with multiple categories, and have 'sticky' messages which are always shown at the top, regardless of publish date.

78 06_02  Messages-Attributes-sticky messages and multiple streams

An example of multiple Message Streams and a 'sticky message'.

Example 2: Call to Action

By adding new Message Attributes of <span class="c52">cta_url</span>, <span class="c52">was_price</span> and <span class="c52">now_price</span>, it is possible to create a custom Message interface, similar to the image below, with messages including a call-to-action and custom price labels.

79 06_02  Messages-Attributes-CTA

Getting Started

  1. The app developer needs to code the custom interface and behavior around the message attributes your app will support.
  2. Add these new Message Attribute fields to your app within the Settings/Developer area. These new fields will then show up whenever composing an in-app message, as shown in the image below.

A compose message window, with additional message attributes of 'price' and 'category'.

80 06_02 Messages-Added Compose Fields Example

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