Sailthru Mobile Testing Feature Release

Testing push notification and in-app messages before sending to large numbers of customers makes sense. We’ve just made this process much easier with our latest update!

In order to test messages in the past, you’d need to send a message as though it was a ‘real’ message but to a small internal audience for critique or approval. This audience was often difficult to find (or remember) amongst the audience list and it was a bit scary as non-test audiences could be selected by mistake. Because these ‘test messages’ don’t look any different to ‘real’ messages, it was making the message screen noisy and difficult to navigate too.

Good news!

We have made changes which makes testing push notifications and in-app messages quicker, easier, and safer!

Test Audiences

When setting up a new audience in the Audience Editor, there is a new ‘This is a Test Audience’ checkbox which can be checked. This will designate the audience which is created as a Test Audience. This checkbox is also able to be checked on existing audiences which are already setup to turn them into a Test Audience.

There are no limitations on Test Audiences except they cannot contain more than 50 devices. The audience will technically save, but Test Messages will not actually be able to be sent to them.

test audience creation

Test Audience Badge

When an audience has been designated as a Test Audience, a new ‘Test Audience’ badge is added to it on the Audiences page to help identify it.

test audience not filtered

New display dropdown and filter

The Audience page has been updated with a new ‘Display’ dropdown. This dropdown contains the existing sort options as well as a new ‘Filter’ section which has an option to display only Test Audiences.

audience dropdown

audience test filter used

When this filter has been selected, only the test audiences will be displayed. To see the non-test audiences, the filter in the drop down will need to be unselected by clicking it again.

Test Messages

The message composer now includes a ‘Test Message’ button where the ‘Save as a Draft’ button was (this button has been moved to the left of the page). The purpose of this button is to enable users to easily send Test Messages to Test Audiences without risk of sending to ‘real’ audiences.

test message button

It is simple to use. Compose the message as normal but instead of clicking ‘Preview’ to move forward, click the ‘Test Message’ button. Clicking this will display a list of all the user’s Test Audiences (with a count of users). Any Test Audiences containing more than 50 users will be greyed out and cannot be sent to.

audience shown not selected

Clicking on a audience will then send the Test Message to that Test Audience. A tick and ‘done’ message will be displayed to indicate a successful send has occurred.

test send success

Messages list filter

To avoid ‘noise’ in the messages screen, Test Messages are hidden by default. Selecting the new ‘Show Test Messages’ checkbox at the top of the page will display all the user’s sent Test Messages. Each Test Message also gains a new ‘TEST’ badge.

Test messages Filter

Unselecting the ‘Show Test Messages’  checkbox will hide the Test Messages and only show messages sent to ‘real’ audiences.