Retrace (and fix) your steps with Email Composer’s ‘undo’ widget

Mistakes happen – you shouldn’t lose time over them! Email Composer’s new undo widget gives you the ability to undo and redo your last 15 edits within an editing session.

Look for the new Undo/History widget in the lower-left of Email Composer’s message canvas. It will appear after the first edit to a template.

Email Composer Undo History


Use the arrows to undo or redo the last 15 edits you’ve made in the current browsing session. Alternatively, you can click the clock icon to bring up a detailed history of the last 15 edits. You can jump directly to an earlier point in time to preview and ultimately revert to the earlier view of the message.

The undo widget is available for all customers beginning Aug. 29, 2018. Happy editing (and undoing!)