Transactional Email Reports

To obtain metrics and logs of your transactional email messages, click the Analytics tab in the top navigation bar, then click Transactionals on the left navigation menu. You can select from the available reports listed under Transactionals.

Delivery Rates

Get the big picture on individual emails sent to subscribers. Click here to view.


  • Filter by Start Date and End Date.
  • Click the “Download CSV” button to download a CSV of all the data in the selected timespan.
  • Click the “Toggle Columns” button to adjust the data you wish to see.
  • Click the eye icon next to a specific template to view the Transactional Email Report Detail for that template.
  • Note: 
    • Revenue data for each template will be attributed to the day the template was sent, even if the Purchase call is sent days later.
    • Opens and clicks are calculated off of the Sent #. If you have any email that experienced a high softbounce or hardbounce rate – it is recommended that you recalculate off of the Delivered #.

See glossary for terms.

Delivery Rate Report

To enter this mode, click a transaction’s Eye Icon on the far right.

To filter by date, adjust the date range in the ‘Start/End Dates‘ dropdown menus and click the ‘Refresh’ button.

Clickmap – shows Total Clicks for each link in the email

Note: links containing zephyr such as {my_url} are dynamic links and won’t appear on the clickmap; data is reported in the Links tab (see below).

Engagement – Transactional metrics segmented by user engagement level

Signup Dates – metrics segmented by subscriber signup date (or list upload date if signup date was not imported as a variable)

Domains – analytics broken out by the email domains of your subscribers. The Top 20 domains are shown; to see a complete listing, export a CSV.

Timeline – a graph depicting user Confirmed Opens (‘Beacons’) and ‘Clicks’ on a minute/hourly/daily basis within the email

Links – ‘Click Rate’ (unique clicks), ‘Total Clicks’ (reflects multiple clicks by the same user), and number of ‘Purchases’ per individual link

Top Users – The most active recipients of your campaign. Segmented by their open time/click time/first URL clicked/clicked volume/pv’s/revenue.

A/B Testing

Review the results of A/B transactional testing to determine your best email formats. (This is different than A/B campaign testing.)

Filter by Start/End Date.

Click here to view.

Transactional Log

Review every unique message that is sent to each subscriber over the past 90 days.

Using the tools above the table, you can:

  • Filter by Template Name
  • Filter by a Start Date and End Date range.
    Note: Message data older than 90 days is not available in this log.
  • Click Download CSV to download the displayed data.

On each message’s row, you can:

  • Click the envelope icon to resend the email to that user.
  • Click the eye icon to view the exact email message that was sent.

To view the log, click here.

Scheduled Send Log

List of transactional emails scheduled to send. Triggers that are scheduled to send would also be listed here. You can cancel a scheduled send by clicking the red “X” to the right of the send.

Includes Template NameSubscriber Email Address, and Scheduled Time.

Click here to view.

Trigger Log

List of triggered transactionals already sent and scheduled to send.

Use the Type drop-down menu to filter the view – you can switch among All, Scheduled, and Executed.

  • ID – The unique message ID in Sailthru’s system. Useful for debugging.
  • Scheduled – The time the trigger was scheduled to send.
  • Executed – Whether or not the trigger sent.
  • Message – Click this link to view the triggered message.
  • Sailthru ID – Click this link to view the User Profile that was sent to.

Click here to view.

Monthly Totals

A quick report of your total sends per month, both transactionals and campaigns.

Click here to view.