Reporting Overview


Sailthru provides robust analytics and reporting on your audience, activity, purchase data and communications. Explore diverse reports, segment a variety of data and run custom queries to better understand your audience. From purchase data and pageviews to unique user profiles and custom queries on specific campaign emails or lists, there are multiple ways to leverage information in order to better serve your users. In addition, you can keep tabs on pending and completed requests in the Jobs queue, which provides a real-time view. The queue includes list generation, snapshots, and data exports.

Key Concepts

Learn how to access reports, and the reporting interface

Learn about real-time data regarding your campaigns

Learn about about the Dashboard: a collection of widgets which provide a quick-look of your reports

Learn about user-related data, such as user profiles, lists, and snapshots

Learn about campaign-related data

Learn about transactional-related data

Learn about Concierge and Horizon click-through rates

Learn about purchase-related data

Learn about other analytics, such as mobile-related data